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Mission Statement

The Breast CancerTalk Project was founded to provide support groups for women and men diagnosed with breast cancer in the local community. The goal of The Breast CancerTalk Project is to provide access to group support for persons with breast cancer during all stages of the disease. The Breast CancerTalk Project will maintain a safe, nurturing environment for persons coping with breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, with life after cancer, and with grief issues. Support groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist who is experienced in breast cancer issues. The Breast CancerTalk Project will inform and educate persons with breast cancer about community resources, and assist persons in the support groups to utilize these resources to the fullest.

Breast Cancer

According to Breast Cancer Action in San Francisco, there were 175,000 women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 1999 (one every three minutes), and 39,900 women were diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ in 1999. There were 43,700 deaths from breast cancer in 1999 (one death every twelve minutes). A growing body of evidence confirms the importance of psychosocial interventions in breast cancer. The results of at least ten studies over the past twenty years indicate positive outcomes across all the studies for breast cancer support groups. When people are confronted with breast cancer, healing requires both physical and emotional assistance. The implication of research is that psychosocial group support helps people to heal, improves the quality of life, encourages optimal functioning and possibly provides for a longer life.

Information About The Breast CancerTalk Project

The Breast CancerTalk Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The project is currently seeking funding sources and private donations. The breast cancer support groups began in March, 2000 and are located in San Jose, California. The breast cancer support groups will serve Santa Clara County and Silicon Valley communities. The founder of the Breast CancerTalk Project is a licensed therapist who specializes in breast cancer issues in her private practice in San Jose, CA.

The Breast CancerStories Project provides support and guidance for women who want to tell the stories of their experiences with breast cancer. Writing is healing and empowering. Writing provides a vehicle for finding our voices and sharing the pain and the joy we find in life. Women can share their stories here on-line if they choose. The stories group meets on a monthly basis.

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