Breast Cancer: Treatment


To clarify the localization, shape, and spatial orientation of the tumor, X-ray-contrast mammography, breast ultrasound, MRI and MCT are used. Laboratory blood tests for oncomarkers are assigned. Histological analysis of a sample of biomaterial obtained by puncture biopsy under the control of ultrasound has decisive informative value.


Breast Cancer: Treatment

Before talking about treatment, let us return to the biological mechanisms of breast cancer development (see above). They, these mechanisms of cell growth with turned off apoptosis, are extremely simple and monstrously stable, effective, resistant, self-sufficient. The oncological process cannot stop in principle, even if it “wants” to (let us put it this way for the sake of persuasion). Today, intensive development of immunotherapy for cancer, hormonal therapy, genetic engineering, regenerative stem cell therapy, etc. is underway. In the near future, such methods will be introduced into clinical practice; some developments are already undergoing laboratory clinical trials on animal models, and others are also being tested on human volunteers (Lahta Clinic told about this on the Uptodate page and continues to monitor such reports in scientific periodicals). Perhaps one day, even the mechanisms of mental regulation will be discovered and understood, which will allow to develop a method of, say, autogenic training for the reverse development of cancer.

Breast Cancer: Treatment

But all this – in the future, all this is still from the field of fiction or, conversely, from the vague speculation (it is possible that the guesses of genius), who visited the healers and sages of antiquity. Today, malignant neoplastic processes we can neither stop nor turn back – as we can not turn on apoptosis at the cellular level. It should be understood with the utmost clarity: no one encroaches on the right to believe and hope (higher mental functions do sometimes work wonders, – in one case out of ten or hundred million, that is, in fact never), but non-medical treatment of cancer does not exist. It is useless to spell, beg and whisper a malignant tumor; it is pointless and tragically stupid to smear it outside with any substances, to drink herbs, to put amulets, photos of “healers of hereditary, the strongest” or even icons of saints. The cancer process, we repeat, simply can not stop, and it will not stop – with all our respect for world religions and disrespect for the quacks of any suit.

The only proven, statistically significant way to survive today – and the method, as shown above, is more than real – are standard schemes of combined cancer treatment. This means, first of all, surgical removal of the tumor, most often together with the whole gland, some volume of the subject tissues and the nearest lymph nodes; radiation therapy; chemotherapy. In some cases, perhaps the risk of organ-preserving surgery or an attempt to get around first, say, radial destruction of the tumor is justified. The use of high-tech methods (cyberknife, IMRT, etc.) is also promising.

However, only early diagnosis and timely intervention increase the chances of survival.