Tests for obesity

Laboratory examination for obesity🍩

The scope of analyzes should be based on clinical assessment, i.e. determined by the doctor at the appointment. Laboratory tests complement the already existing clinical data and https://pillintrip.com/ru/medicine/boxagrippal.

The list of studies varies somewhat between reputable sources, the summary is⏬

❗️Most important

1️⃣ diagnosis of disorders of carbohydrate metabolism
• fasting blood glucose
(glycated hemoglobin is also better, if there is a financial opportunity, I would prefer it this way)
• if necessary (determined by the doctor) – glucose tolerance test (oral glucose tolerance test)
2️⃣ thyroid function
• thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)
3️⃣ lipid profile
• total cholesterol
• HDL cholesterol
• LDL cholesterol
• triglycerides
4️⃣ liver enzymes:
• alanine aminotransferase (ALT)
• aspartate aminotransferase (AST)
• gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (gamma-HT)
(with an increase in enzymes – ultrasound of the liver (abdominal organs))
5️⃣ kidney function
• creatinine
• calculation of the glomerular filtration rate (free calculation indicator)
6️⃣ uric acid

It seems that the list is long, but all this is one vein puncture and one or two test tubes

➡️Not a laboratory test, but I will write, therefore it is very important to assess cardiovascular risk
-absolute after 40 years
-relative up to 40 years
(and studies of the cardiovascular system according to indications)

➰ to exclude endocrine causes
obesity additionally:
exclusion of hypercortisolism, hyperprolactinemia, Cushing’s disease / syndrome, if clinically indicated

May still be useful
ℹ️ markers of inflammation:
• highly sensitive C-reactive protein
• ferritin
ℹ️ bilirubin
ℹ️ for symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea – follow-up examination
ℹ️When BMI> 40 – determination of the level of vitamin D (25 (OH) D) (possibly parathyroid hormone (PTH) if indicated)
ℹ With symptoms of hypogonadism – testosterone, LH, FSH

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